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custom furniture manufacture in Durban North, KZN - Professional Carpentry specialists in KZN

Our Story

Tongue & Groove Décor (TG Décor) was founded by an exceptionally talented man - Dee Alvey, who is a tattoo artist by trade. TG was brought to life when Dee and his right hand man Vee wanted to create custom furniture using Dee’s artistic skills. TG started in a garage and quickly grew into a mini factory operating in North Coast Road. Taryn’s furniture obsession brought her right to TG’s door stop where they were able to bring all her furniture dreams to life. Taryn and Dee clicked instantly and a work relationship was formed, Taryn would handle all the marketing (thanks to her slight photo obsession), Instagram & FB pages as well as dealing with the customers. Sadly Dee decided to leave the trio and follow his passions of tattooing full-time in Cambridge (we miss you!). Taryn took the leap, bought the business and has never looked back.
TODAY, TG consists of Taryn (Head Honcho), Vee (Jack of all Trades / Factory Manager), Willie (Carpenter) and Sandile (Trainee Carpenter).

TG Décor is now situated in Sneezewood Lane, Glen Anil. Unfortunately we do not have a showroom as wood creates far too much dust, but feel free to pop in and see what we are working on at any time, we love seeing new faces.
custom furniture manufacture in Durban North, KZN - Professional Carpentry specialists in KZN

What we do

TG Décor is a wooden furniture manufacturer. We custom make and can pretty much make anything wooden. Send us a picture with your dimensions (length x width x depth) and we’ll quote you.
We love to work with all the gorgeous hard woods – Kiaat, US Walnut, Oak, Black Ofram and Jacaranda to name a few.
Some of our best sellers include the kiddies house beds, trundle styled beds, bedside pedestals, dining room tables and tv units.
We also work with metal so can offer wood on metal items too.
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